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What is vegan farming?

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Would you like to garden or grow produce without using animal products? Then vegan farming may be just right for you. 

Vegan growers need to bear in mind that the soil itself should be fertile enough for plants to grow. Ideally, the nutrients are 100% biologically available in the soil. Furthermore, it is important to use applied plant nutrients that hold the Vegan Trademark. In this way, you can rest assured that no animal ingredients are used in their production. 

What kind of soil is suitable for vegan farming? 

Any soil containing beneficial microbes, such as bacteria and fungi, is suitable for vegan farming. These microorganisms break down nutrients to a format your crop can easily absorb through its roots. 

The following are examples of good microbes: 

  • Cyanobacteria
  • Trichoderma
  • Pseudomonas
  • A number of Actinobacteria-species
  • A number of Bacillus-species

Healthy microbes require as few additional nutrients as possible and can process as many nutrients as possible. Also, these microbes digest the dead root mass of a growing plant, further facilitating easy nutrient uptake. If you insist on administering plant nutrients, make sure to use certified Vegan Trademark products. 

How to keep the soil in good shape? 

  • Keep pH-values, or acidity, over 5.5. Lower levels make it harder for the crop to absorb nutrients. However, pH-values should not be too high, either. To test the value, use a pH-meter. Should you experience problems with your pH-levels, consider using BAC pH+ of BAC pH-. 
  • Ensure proper aeration. As many microbes depend on oxygen, it is important that soil, subsoil and water have sufficient access to air. Without it, the microbes won’t be able to reproduce or survive. Also, good aeration ensures better ventilation, water retention, resilience and improved uptake of water and nutrients by the roots. 

BAC organic plant nutrients 

Should your plants require growth stimulants, consider our Vegan Trademark-certified nutritional products. We developed a range of products that meet the demands of vegan farming, including: 

  • BAC Organic Bloom. This bloom nutrition feeds the microbes and enables their reproduction, resulting in an optimal balance of your crop’s soil life. The flower formation will be exceedingly abundant. 
  • BAC Organic Grow. This is a root stimulant prompting root and shoot growth and stimulating the development of a sturdy crop foundation. Your produce will be stronger and more closely knit. 
  • BAC Organic PK Booster. This organic product stimulates the sugar formation in the flowers, leading to a considerable increase in quality. Also, the high amount of trace elements enables this nutrition to work well with the microbes. 

More information 

Have you got any questions about vegan farming, or about our products? Feel free to contact us at any time. Our experts are looking forward to helping you out. We can be reached by phone, by email and through our contact form. 

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